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Our Ecolytes Ultra-Bright LED candles with remote control allow you to conveniently control the ambiance in any venue. Commercially designed to provide Ultra-Bright candlelight when regular LED candles aren't enough!-4x's brighter than traditional flames & LED's!

From the realistic flicker and Ultra-Bright CandleLight LED color, to the reliability of our true induction charging system, you’ll know right away that this system is built to last. EcoLytes Ultra-Bright candles charge in (8) hours and provide up to (12) hours of use, with a lifetime per candle of approximately 1,000 full re-charges.

True induction charging process – no pins
Expandable tray system – charge up to 4 trays (48 candles) using 1 power adaptor
Candles are weather resistant
Electronic on/off switch with 2-modes, Flicker Mode and Lamp Mode
Realistic Ultra-Bright LED color Candlelight

Remote Control Features

* On Turns On candles & recalls last operating mode. (an unlimited number of candles can be used)
* Off Turns Off candles from any mode. (Candles still use battery power in Off mode)
* 4H or 8H Will automatically turn off candles after 4 or 8 hours respectively.
* Press 4H or 8H instead of the On button to activate timer mode.
* Candle Mode Pauses the flickering effect.
* Light Mode Starts the flickering effect. (best used after selecting dim or bright)
* Dim Sets the light level. (allows the maximum operating time)
* Bright Sets the light level.

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