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CandleFXT Remote Controlled, Full Color, Rechargeable Table Lighting

Our EcoLytes FX candles allow you to conveniently control the ambiance in any venue via remote control. Designed specifically for the rigors of everyday commercial use, EcoLytes FX utilizes a 12-color LED palette capturing every color in the rainbow in addition to our Amber & Candlelight colors.

EcoLytes FX candles charge in (8) hours and provide up to (16) hours of use, with a lifetime per candle of approximately 1,000 full re-charges.
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True induction charging process – no pins
Expandable tray system – charge up to 4 trays (48 candles) using 1 power adaptor.
Candles are weather resistant.
Multi-Color RGB LED's span a 12-color Palette to include Amber & Candlelight.



On Turns On candles & recalls last operating mode. (an unlimited number of candles can be used)
Off Turns Off candles from any mode. (Candles still use battery power in Off mode)
4H or 8H Will automatically turn off candles after 4 or 8 hours respectively.
Press 4H or 8H instead of the On button to activate timer mode.
Candle Mode Pauses the flickering effect.
Light Mode Starts the flickering effect. (best used after selecting dim or bright)
Dim Sets the light level. (allows the maximum operating time)
Bright Sets the light level.
Best used when lamps are grouped together.
When no flickering, select color first, then press Mode to pause flicker.
Multi Color Rotates through the 12-color palette over a 40 second period.
Color Buttons Selects individual colors.


EcolytesFX™ Video

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