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LED Rechargeable Lounge Lamps 2-Pack Set - RGB with low profile 2-Unit Induction charging system are available in multiple styles to fit any decor. These lamps are amazing when lit up and look great when there is no light. Either way, these lamps will certainly get noticed and add to any decor, so long as it’s "cool.

MoodLyte Lounge Lamps combine High Quality with High End Design to provide the perfect ambiance for any decor. State of the art Induction Pad charging and linkable trays allow charging of multiple lamps using a single power-adaptor.-Charging Trolley available for large applications. All lamps can be controlled manually, via the water resistant push button switch on the bottom of each lamp or controlled using the multi-function remote control unit provided with each lamp set. The remote control unit lets you explore a full range of color provided by each lamps 8 piece RGB LED.

SET INCLUDES: (2) Wrinkled Block Rechargeable Lamps, (1) Induction Pad Charging Base, (1) Power Supply, (1) Handheld Remote Control Unit

Each state of the art Lounge Lamp Induction Charging Pad holds two (2) Rechargeable LED Lounge Lamps with a universal power adapter. Up to 4 Charging Pads (total of 8 Lounge Lamps) may be linked together using just 1 power adapter. Linkable charging pad cords sold separately. Charging Trolley Cart Holds (24) Lamps, sold separately (special order only)

Safety: eliminates fire danger and personal injury.
Rechargeable: eliminates battery disposal.
Zero Emissions: no soot or air contaminates.
Energy Reduction: produces no heat, lowering AC energy needs.
Energy Efficient: requires very little energy to operate.


Wireless IR Remote Controlled
Remotely control the On/Off, Flash, Strobe, Fade, Smooth, Continuous.
Dimming & Multiple Colors
Inductive Pad Charging, no pin or prongs to ensure long life & Weather Resistance
1 Watt LED's are Very Bright and Vibrant in all colors.
Weather Resistant Push Button Switch on bottom of each Lamp for easy manual control of On/Off & Color Features.
Operating time of up to 11 hours on full brightness - 11 to 18 Hour run time when using dimmer settings etc.

Operating Time: 5-hour charge provides up to 11 hours of use-Full Brightness
LED Color: RGB - Multiple LED Colors
Remote control distance: Up to 30 ft.
Charger: Induction Pad Charging
Battery Type: Internal NiMH
Charging Pad Dimensions: 1.0" H x 5.25" W x 10.25" L
LED Lamp Dimensions: In: 8.0" H x 4.0"Sq. mm: 200H x 100sq
Charging Cycles: Approx. 1000 cycles (roughly 3 years of daily use). Each LED lamp has a lifetime of approx. 15,000 hours.
Input Voltage: 100-240 volts Operating Voltage: 12VDC

Charging Instructions:
1. Insert power supply jack into base. Plug power supply into socket.
2. Charge indicator lights illuminate Red and blinks green when charging, solid green when fully charged. Charge time is approximately 5 hours.
3. Lamps are ideal for Indoor or Outdoor use and are Weather Resistant.

Remote Control Operation:
On Turns on the Lamps LED, recalls last operating mode. (an unlimited number of LED Lamps can be used)
Off Turns off the Lamps LED from any mode. (LED Lamp still uses battery power and is still operating when in Off mode)
(4) Dimming levels and 108 steps (colors) for continuous colors and effects.
Lamps can be operated manually using the water resistant push button switch located on the bottom of each lamp, allowing for desired RGB color palate.
Jump, scroll, fade or continuous color option features in addition to dimming
RGB Remote Control Unit offers ease of use for manipulating all features & colors.
Remote Control Range approximately 20 ‘ to 30’, depending on lamp style.

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